Talk is Cheap, Bitcoin is not

A Bitcoin-native platform for P2P betting.

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Why use Atomic Odds?

Challenge Influencers

Hold the largest Crypto Twitter influencers to their words by challenging them to bet.

Quick + Simple Set Up

Get a bet set up in a matter of minutes. No more complicated multi-sig set-ups, or need to coordinate over Zoom calls.

No Custody of Funds

Throughout the duration of the bet, there is never a third party taking custody of your funds.

Full control of the bets you make

We make use of DLC's (discreet log contracts) to provide you the most secure and transparent betting experience.
To an outsider, your bet wouldn't look any different than any other Bitcoin transaction.
No cold feet
Having funds in escrow ensures that you don't need to trust your counterparty to pay up when the bet resolves.
Easily verify all the data the DLC oracle is providing to help resolve your bet. Don't trust, verify.

The betting process

We charge a 5% fee to the winner of each bet.
Building #SoundFinance also means building products that are sustainable over the long run. This fee will go a long way towards helping us maintain and improve the platform over time.

Why are we building Atomic Odds?

We believe in Bitcoin financial tools that retain as many of Bitcoin's assurance as possible.
We're committed to building #SoundFinance - sound financial infrastructure for sound money.
Openly Accessible

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