Earn returns on your Bitcoin,
while holding your keys.

Grow your bitcoin nest egg – with transparency and control. Simple and passive strategies starting at 7%+ APY (historical).

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What our users are saying

Atomic Finance has been really moving the needle for what's possible to do on bitcoin today, without any soft forks required.

Enabling users to earn trust-minimized return on their bitcoin without having to wrap their coins is a great step forward for bitcoin

- Torkel Rogstad, Norwegian Bitcoiner & Co-Founder @barebitcoin

What sets Atomic.Finance apart is their transparency. They’re clear about the risk and reward around selling premiums to earn returns.

The unique feature of their platform is allowing users to sell calls on Bitcoin while maintaining custody. It’s refreshing to see a service that prioritizes user security and autonomy.

- Klaus Lovgreen, Bitcoiner

Atomic Finance stands out by offering a secure and transparent way to earn returns on your Bitcoin while maintaining full control of your private keys. This is a unique feature in the market.

Atomic’s unique value proposition is the combination of trustlessness, transparency, and control over your hard-earned Bitcoin via DLCs.

- Nad, Bitcoiner class of 2013

The Atomic Finance guys are very honest and clear about the risks of selling premium.  The differentiator of this product is being able to sell calls against your BTC while retaining custody. You don't have to send your coins to SBF or convert them to WBTC to sell premium.

- astr0, Bitcoin Twitter anon

Centralized yield solutions don't work...

Custodial yield solutions have been falling like dominoes. Why do we keep trusting them?
June '22
Celsius Network

$4.7B+ owed to depositors

Voyager Digital

$1B+ owed to depositors

July '22
Nov ' 22

$1.3B+ owed to depositors

Genesis Global

$3.5B+ owed to depositors

Nov ' 22

Your bitcoin deserves a non-custodial alternative, one where you can't be rugged.

Unlock your Bitcoin's potential with
Bitcoin DeFi

True financial sovereignty for your bitcoin. Built natively on Bitcoin.


Nobody can access your bitcoin, or censor your transactions. Ever.

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Know your risk.

Your bitcoin is too precious to entrust to a black box. With Sound Finance, know exactly what your risks are.

No rehypothecation.
On-chain verification.

Monitor your Bitcoin's location on-chain, at any time while you're invested in a strategy.

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Powered by Bitcoin Script

That's right, Bitcoin does have smart contracts. DLCs (Discreet Log Contracts) are an open source standard for representing financial contracts on Bitcoin.

No wrapping / swapping is required. Just use plain, vanilla Bitcoin.

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2 ways to put your BTC to work

Passive Strategies:

Set your BTC on transparent autopilot

Uses options: A proven tool from traditional finance.

Automated "set-and-forget" growth: 7%+ APY.

Tailored for all: Whether you're an Options Novice or Pro

Manual Options:

Full control & flexibility

Speculate on price action.

Hedge yourself against BTC volatility.

Long options: No liquidation risk.

Get up and running in 5 minutes

Atomic.Finance in the Bitcoin community 🥳

Yes, we can

earn returns

build DeFi


earn returns

on Bitcoin

Here at Atomic.Finance, our mission is to make bitcoin finance as self-sovereign, transparent, and verifiable as bitcoin itself.

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Important Disclosures:
1. Our DLC-Based Services (namely, Passive Strategies and Manual Options) are not available to United States persons. United States persons are restricted to self-custodial wallet functionality only.
2. Passive Strategy returns are not guaranteed. Return APYs are historical and are to be used for informational purposes only.