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Finally, a transparent way to earn returns on your bitcoin – without giving up custody.

Simple options-based strategies designed for every Bitcoiner, regardless of experience.

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The status quo isn't working...

Centralized crypto banks keep failing. Why do we keep trusting them?
Mt Gox

850,000 BTC stolen


119,756 BTC stolen


$190M owed to users

Celsius, FTX, BlockFi

$9B+ owed to users

Time for Sound Finance?

Whether through hacks, greed, or fraud, centralized crypto banks failing have
become a regular part of life for us in the bitcoin space.

But what if you had the tools to start being your own bank instead?

Sound Finance for Sound Money

True financial sovereignty for your bitcoin.

Non-custodial. No counterparty risk.

Nobody can access your bitcoin, or censor your transactions. Ever.

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Know your risk.

When it comes to your bitcoin, nobody should feel left in dark. With Sound Finance, know what your risk exposure is.

Verifiable on-chain.

Monitor your Bitcoin's location on-chain, at any time while you're invested in a strategy.

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Bitcoin Finance that actually emobodies the Bitcoin ethos.
That's what Sound Finance is all about.

Recurring Strategies

Simple and transparent options strategies to deliver long-term growth.

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Backed by historical data

Strategies use historical market data to find the best ways to earn bitcoin returns over the long run.

Adapts to market conditions

Whether it’s a bull or bear market, strategies adapt to market environments to provide the best balance of risk and reward.

Designed for everyone

Whether you are new to options or have used them for years, Atomic.Finance provides in-app education to help you understand your risk and reward.

Get up and running in 5 minutes

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What our users are saying

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Lyle Pratt


I like Atomic.Finance because it’s transparent about risk. It allows you to draw a box around the risk you’re taking so you can make rational decisions to limit your exposure. Other interest products are black boxes that expose you to unknowable amounts of risk.

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Using Atomic.Finance, I can select a strategy that matches my risk appetite and seek to make a portion of my stack a productive asset - all while neutralizing counterparty risk. That’s real decentralized finance.

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Joe Burnett


After what happened with BlockFi / FTX / Celsius in 2022, we’ve been reminded that counterparty risk in bitcoin is as important as ever. I love that Atomic.Finance uses native Bitcoin tech to build a product that is nearly trustless and eliminates counterparty risk.

It’s one of my favorite Bitcoin products, and I’m excited about the future of Sound Finance!

Built for Bitcoiners, by Bitcoiners.

Here at Atomic.Finance, our mission is to make bitcoin finance as self-sovereign, transparent, and verifiable as bitcoin itself.

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