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Why we started working on Atomic.Finance?

The status quo sucks when it comes to Bitcoin Finance. And we need to change that.

Today, there's this huge dichotomy between Bitcoin the asset vs Bitcoin finance. On one hand, you’ve got the soundest money out there. Money that is completely verifiable, transparent, censorship resistant, and provably scare - arguably Bitcoin’s biggest innovations.

Yet all of that goes out the window entirely when you start using Bitcoin finance. In today’s world, much of Bitcoin finance is run by centralized financial institutions. They lack transparency, they don’t allow you to verify anything, and they take complete control and custody of your bitcoin. Even Bitcoin's 21 million supply cap goes out the window due to rehypothecation.

These are the very issues we see in fiat banking, and we’re doing the exact same things in the Bitcoin world. The fact that the status quo for Bitcoin finance is a direct replication of the fiat financial system, but with the asset swapped out — that didn't sit well with us.

Sound money like bitcoin deserves more than just a replica of the status quo. Sound money deserves sound financial infrastructure, and that’s what we’re building here at Atomic.Finance.

How we stand out


Big long-term vision.

Yield is just the first step! Longer term, our vision is to build a tightly integrated ecosystem of non-custodial sound finance tools - all accessible from one place.


Growth mindset

We prefer learn-it-alls over know-it-alls. If you’re a big believer in constantly improving yourself, and continually expanding your skillset and knowledge, you’ll fit right in.


Transparent & open

You're hired because we value your opinion & expertise - so if you don't like a particular direction or decision, challenge it and let's talk about it.

User Centric

Obsessively user-centric

Our users are like gods to us. We love learning from them, constantly trying to figure out how to better serve their needs and alleviate their concerns.



We have a world-class group of investors and advisors. If mentorship is what you’d like, then we’ll work our butts off to find you a suitable mentor.


Bitcoin DeFi: A Big Blue Ocean

While decentralized finance (DeFi) has exploded in popularity on Ethereum, no-one has quite managed to crack the code when it comes to bitcoin. It's huge blue ocean market opportunity, ripe for the taking.

Meet our team members

Tony Cai
Co-Founder & CEO
Matthew Black
Co-Founder & CTO
Steven Zhao
VP Engineering
Dillion Verma
Software Engineer
Abhimanyu Kapoor
Product Designer

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“Awesome & refreshing way to run and communicate with as a startup. Hope to see from other other bitcoin companies as well“

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